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2009-06-26 04:53:19 by rowds

me and my friend have started work on an animation. at the moment were writing out a script so that we don't completely improvise what were saying after the animation is made. we've also designed the characters so that were not attempting to draw the characters from scratch(good thing to we spent 3 days drawing 1 character)

also check out my art its only one drawing and its from my maths book but its just sitting there begging to be looked at

YAY i make arts

2009-06-19 04:13:45 by rowds

i added something to the art portal, its from my maths books but its well drawn i didn't have my tablet so i couldn't colour it in so it might look kinda bad from my terrifying shading. anyway try to find it and give it good ratings, I'm kinda sad since my submission didn't make it through but me and my friend are working on a zelda parody at the moment and its coming out pretty well

estimated release date:
some time december( gotta nail the artwork, voices and finish the script)

so enjoy reading this =D


2009-05-14 04:12:07 by rowds

Hey i'm trying to animate XD i was gonna post some of my artworks but my scanner stuffed up and I can't use my tablet at the moment. I'm starting up flashing but i will probably post some pivot animations or easytoons if I think there good..... wait i found good pics(yay) tell me what you think of my art skillz. this is one of my worst pics unfortunately it was the only 1 I could find though i'll post some of my good cloured and shaded pictures as soon as i can XD